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GlucoBreath: Non-Invasive Glucometer to Detect Diabetes using Breath
  • Ritu Kapur ,
  • Arnav Bhavsar ,
  • Varun Dutt
Ritu Kapur
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Arnav Bhavsar
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Varun Dutt
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Diabetes is a metabolic disorder often diagnosed late and needs continuous blood glucose monitoring. We introduce GlucoBreath, a user-centric, cost-effective, and portable pre-diagnostic solution to address this global challenge. GlucoBreath addresses the urgent need for an accessible and non-intrusive diabetes detection device, offering affordability, mobility, and comfortable non-invasive diabetes testing, especially among economically weaker sections of society. GlucoBreath comprises (i) a non-intrusive multi-sensor Internet of Things device comprising multiple sensors detecting volatile organic compounds in breath, (ii) BreathProfiles dataset encompasses information from 492 patients, which includes demographic details, physiological measurements, and sensor readings derived by analyzing breath samples with our device, (iii) an innovative Machine Learning-based diabetes prediction system trained on the BreathProfiles dataset, and (iv) a user-friendly web interface for seamless device interaction and viewing diabetes reports.Â
Given a person’s breath sample, demographics, and body vitals data as input, GlucoBreath predicts (a) if the person has diabetes. (b) If the person has diabetes, then the blood glucose level (BGL) of the person is moderate or high. GlucoBreath’s groundbreaking approach supersedes current methods, achieving an impressive mean accuracy of 98.4% using a Logistic Regression-AdaBoost stack-metamodel, marking a substantial 43.3% improvement over an existing method. Due to its portability, non-intrusiveness, and rapid response, GlucoBreath is a valuable pre-diagnostic tool that can facilitate the early detection of diabetes in many individuals. Further, the BGL prediction by GlucoBreath can help alert individuals to control their sugar consumption in case of a moderate BGL or visit a physician in case of a high BGL. Â