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Computational modeling of binding site for RNA-ligand complex by learning Multi-modal features
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  • Junkai Wang ,
  • 丽君 权 ,
  • Zhi jin ,
  • Hongjie Wu ,
  • Xuhao Ma ,
  • Xuejiao Wang ,
  • Jingxin Xie ,
  • Deng Pan ,
  • Taoning Chen ,
  • Tingfang Wu ,
  • Qiang Lyu
Junkai Wang
Soochow University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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丽君 权
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Hongjie Wu
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Xuejiao Wang
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Jingxin Xie
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Taoning Chen
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Tingfang Wu
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Qiang Lyu
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The focus of our study is to predict RNA-small molecule binding sites, with the overarching goal of exploring potential applications in the field of RNA drug targets. In response to this challenge, we present the MultiModRLBP method, a novel approach that integrates multi-modal features through the application of deep learning algorithms.