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Differentiation and Localization of Ground RF Transmitters Through RSSI Measures from a UAV
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  • Vineeth Teeda ,
  • Stefano Moro ,
  • Davide Scazzoli ,
  • Luca reggiani ,
  • Maurizio Magarini
Vineeth Teeda
Politecnico di Milano

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Stefano Moro
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Davide Scazzoli
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Luca reggiani
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Maurizio Magarini
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This paper explores the experimental localization of single and multiple ground RF transmitters using both traditional localization and machine learning algorithms. For the localization of a single transmitter, the setup is evaluated in two unlicensed frequency bands with and without interference. A threshold approach is proposed to improve accuracy in the presence of interference. To localize multiple transmitters, the RSSI data are divided into clusters by a k-means clustering algorithm and fed into a localization algorithm. These experimental results are preceded by an analysis phase where the UAV flight path and data collection are simulated using the QuaDRiGa channel model.