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Elevating AI Research at Cognitive Agents and Interaction Lab: A Technical Report on High-Performance Computing Infrastructure
  • Md Mosaddek Khan
Md Mosaddek Khan
University of Dhaka

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The Cognitive Agents and Interaction Lab (CAIL) at the University of Dhaka has strategically developed a focused High-Performance Computing (HPC) facility, underpinning its niche in artificial intelligence (AI) research, with a special emphasis â\euro” but not limited to â\euro” deep and reinforcement learning within the context of multi-agent systems. This technical report outlines the HPC resources at CAIL, highlighting a number of advanced GPUs that drive our research forward. The facility, supported by multiple grants, exemplifies a model for small-scale, high-impact computational research environments. We detail how these resources empower our team to achieve significant strides in AI, despite the challenges of scale, and set a precedent for innovation in the field.