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Correction and Addendum for "Consistent Optical and Electrical Noise Figure"    
  • Reinhold Noe
Reinhold Noe
Paderborn University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The minimum noise figure of an electrical amplifier is Fe=1. E. Desurvire's traditional optical noise Fpnf of an optical amplifier has the minimum value Fpnf=2. If Fpnf is a noise figure then power, gain and Fe need to be redefined. Fpnf is in conflict with physics and Fe. The correct optical noise figure Fo,IQ, observable in coherent I&Q receivers, has the minimum Fo,IQ=1 and is compatible with Fe. In the derivation of the consistent unified noise figure FIQ for all frequencies, from Fe and Fo,IQ, thermal noise energy is needed. Its usual simplified expression kT is now replaced by Nyquist's correct result. This holds also in a unified homodyne noise figure FI, against which H. Haus' unified noise figure Ffas is discussed.