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A Simulation Study on Calibration of A LiDAR with Respect to A Camera by Using Point and Plane Constraints
  • Fumio Itami ,
  • Takaharu Yamazaki
Fumio Itami
Saitama Institute of Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Takaharu Yamazaki
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This letter provides a simulation study on calibration of a 3D LiDAR with respect to a camera, with point-topoint and point-on-plane correspondences for calibration constraints, by extending our previously proposed 2D LiDAR calibration methods. The calibration performance is examined in terms of vertical scan view and resolution, especially in narrow/sparse scan space, in the presence of sensor noise. It contributes to a guidance on a use of various sensors and dataset depending on contexts and applications with different scan view and resolution, and an understanding of the effect of the different constraints on calibration. As a result, the combination of the point and plane constraints yields better performance than either of them.