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Co-Design of Characteristic Mode and Coupling Matrix for Frequency Scanning Coupled-Patch Arrays
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  • Shuguang Xiao ,
  • Hongxin Zhou, ,
  • Amir K. Rashid ,
  • Yujie Zhang ,
  • Yi Zhang ,
  • Zheng Yuan ,
  • Zhan Zhang ,
  • Ming Yu ,
  • Qingfeng Zhang
Shuguang Xiao
Southern University of Science and Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Hongxin Zhou,
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Amir K. Rashid
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Yujie Zhang
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Zheng Yuan
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Zhan Zhang
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Qingfeng Zhang
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A co-design approach is proposed in this communication for an efficient design of frequency scanning coupled-patch arrays (CPAs) with wide scanning range and high scanning rate. It combines characteristic mode analysis (CMA) and coupling matrix analysis in the design, where the former is employed for radiation pattern synthesis while the latter tunes the feeding reflection and mode excitation based on a coupled-resonator network model. With this systematic approach, it becomes efficient to control both beam scanning properties and feeding reflection. 3rd-order and 6th-order design examples are provided to validate the proposed method. The 6th-order CPA achieves a wide scanning range of 73◦ (from −45◦ to 28◦ across broadside) and a high scanning rate of 26:1◦/1%. Both scanning range and scanning rate are much higher than other reported CPAs.