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Applicability Extension and Calculation Acceleration of Pattern-Multiplication Principle in Far-Field Analysis of Conformal Arrays
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  • li zhao ,
  • You-Feng Cheng ,
  • Cheng Liao ,
  • Fan Peng ,
  • Guo-Feng Gao ,
  • Xiao Ding
li zhao
Institute of Electromagnetics

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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You-Feng Cheng
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Cheng Liao
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Guo-Feng Gao
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Xiao Ding
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This paper proposes a near-field Euler rotation-based technique to transform the far-field calculation of arbitrary conformal arrays into the pattern-multiplication form. Additionally, the calculation is greatly accelerated by a three-dimensional virtual equivalent source expansion (3-D VESE) technique and a layer-wise two-dimensional fast Fourier transform (2-D FFT) technique. Computational complexity analysis and several numerical examples validate the advantages of the proposed solution in terms of the efficiency and accuracy.