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3D- Printed Modular SPR Platform Integrated with Ellipsometer for In-situ Label-free Optical Sensing Applications
  • Natasha Mandal ,
  • Mayanglambam Sushilata Devi ,
  • Rakesh S Moirangthem
Natasha Mandal
Indian Institute of Technology Dhanbad

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Mayanglambam Sushilata Devi
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Rakesh S Moirangthem
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We present the instrumentation of highly sensitive, label-free and nondestructive Surface Plasmon Resonance-enhanced Ellipsometry (SPRE) technique  using the efficient 3D printing technology and its applications for the sensitive detection of biochemical analytes. SPRE offers the advantages of both SPR and Ellipsometry  while eliminating the limitations encountered with each individual method.Â