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Secured Software Development and Importance of Secure Software Development Life Cycle
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  • Tan Jia Chun ,
  • Lau Jing En ,
  • Malcolm Tan Yu Xuen ,
  • Yap Ming Xuan ,
  • Saira Muzafar
Tan Jia Chun
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Lau Jing En
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Malcolm Tan Yu Xuen
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Yap Ming Xuan
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Saira Muzafar
Taylors University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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With the rapid advancement of technology, societyâ\euro™s reliance on computers and the internet has increased so much to the point that without them, certain aspects of this world may not be able to function as it is. In addition to that, the complexity of how the technology works has also created many job opportunities and many peopleâ\euro™s careers are built around them as well. With that said, while there is a lot of focus and attention being given to developing the newest and latest high-tech solutions, it is important to not forget about the security aspects of such application solutions. The goal of this research is to uncover the security aspects that should be considered in the development phase of software applications and also review existing works on software security to gain better insight from those with better qualifications and knowledge of the industry. After uncovering common security issues faced in the industry, we propose a solution to face the currently faced problems. Also, we discussed the interconnection of software-defined networks with DevSecOps methodology which is an imperative methodology to ensure that security is an inherent component of the complete software development lifecycle.