March 18, 2024
Pixels to Phrases: Evolution of Vision Language Models
Jay Oza and Gitesh Kambli
December 14, 2023
Enhancing Question Prediction with Flan T5 -A Context-Aware Language Model Approach
Jay Oza and Hrishikesh Yadav
December 14, 2023
MelSpectroNet: Enhancing Voice Authentication Security with AI-based Siamese Model an...
Gitesh Kambli, Jay Oza , Amit Maity, et al.
December 04, 2023
Toxic Comment Detection Using Bidirectional Sequence Classifiers
Amit Maity , Rishi More , Abhijit Patil , et al.
December 04, 2023
A Streamlined Approach towards Monkeypox Detection
Sarvesh Kulkarni , Jay Oza , Abhijit Patil , et al.