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Perovskite Solar Module Enabled IoT Asset Tracking for Wildlife Conservation
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  • Vivek Babu ,
  • Rosinda Fuentes Pineda ,
  • maciej bizan ,
  • Adrian Wojak ,
  • Szymon Wierzowiecki ,
  • João Henrique D. B. Gervásio ,
  • jakub szklarz ,
  • Luigi Angelo Castriotta ,
  • Aldo Di Carlo
Vivek Babu
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Rosinda Fuentes Pineda
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maciej bizan
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Adrian Wojak
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Szymon Wierzowiecki
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João Henrique D. B. Gervásio
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jakub szklarz
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Luigi Angelo Castriotta
University of Rome Tor Vergata

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Aldo Di Carlo
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Perovskite technology has shown impressive improvement in the last decade. Here, the first GPS-perovskite-powered application is showcased by integrating flexible perovskite modules (fPSMs) onto an animal tracking collar for powering the IoT device that monitors wildlife bison to preserve the species and its habitat. A prototype of a solar-powered collar was designed to be more optimal for monitoring ample wildlife than commercially available asset-tracking devices, so it can provide necessary data to successfully introduce bison to new habitats. The fPSM were fabricated on a plastic substrate and connected in series configuration to generate power of 400 mW. A robust packaging with polycarbonate sheets and mechanical rivets was realized to withstand harsh environmental conditions, validated by conducting scratch and bending tests. The electronics and software system were optimized for ultra-low power mode operation, consuming only 1.9 mWh, which is 200 times less than the energy generated by our modules. The packaged modules in the outdoor testing setup retained over 30 % of their initial PCE and power after 350 days (8400 hours), giving still 60 times more power than necessary over ~1 year of operational condition.