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A Comprehensive Review on Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface for 6G Communications: Overview, Deployment, Control Mechanism, Application, Challenges, and Opportunities
  • Syed Rakib Hasan ,
  • Saifur Sabuj
Syed Rakib Hasan
Brac University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Saifur Sabuj
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The development of our neoteric scientific fields has reached such a magnificent level that the benefits from innovation have extended to all regions, including those most distant. Modern information and communication network systems have greatly improved the overall effectiveness and performance of the wireless networks. With the emergence of cellular networks, the wireless communication network system has evolved from the first generation to the sixth generation (6G), which will provide an integrated framework for a variety of utilities and applications. The goal of 6G network systems is to improve channel capacity, low bit rate error, efficient signal transmission, and low latency while providing reliable connectivity and seamless communication. Various technologies are integrated with 6G network systems to provide controlled, efficient, and reliable communication. One emerging technology for 6G communication network systems is reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RIS), which is ideal for smooth and controllable wireless signal transmission. RIS uses smart beamforming methods with the assistance of an electronic circuit controller to provide superior signal quality. This study presents a complete overview of RIS, including its hardware architecture, key characteristics, control mechanism, operating frequency, communication duplex mode, and operating mode. The study also elaborates on the RIS operational environment, advantages of implementing RIS, deployment, and different types of communication by utilizing RIS. Finally, we conclude with a discussion of challenges and future research directions to overcome limitations to achieve the goal of RIS implementation and RIS-aided communication for 6G communication systems.