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12-phase virtual synchronous generator
  • Junzhong Sun ,
  • Hang Yin
Junzhong Sun
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Hang Yin

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This paper presents a novel 12-phase virtual synchronous generator (VSG). The proposed 12-phase VSG can be used as an AC/DC or DC/AC converter in a multi-energy power system mainly composed of a 12-phase generator to improve the stability of the grid system. Compared with traditional passive converters, the proposed 12-phase VSG has higher output voltage and power, lower harmonic distortion, and improved power quality, making it a more suitable candidate for rectifier applications. The design and control strategy of the 12-phase VSG rectifier is elaborated in detail, including the phase shifting control method and the modulation strategy for the output voltages. The main contributions of this work include the successful design and implementation of a 12-phase VSG. Experimental and simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed 12-phase VSG. This work shows the potential of a 12-phase VSG rectifier for practical applications and provides a promising direction for future research in high-power rectifiers.