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Optimisation-based Reference Generation for Off-tracking Minimisation of Generalised N-trailers Vehicles
  • Nestor Nahuel Deniz ,
  • Franco Jorquera ,
  • Fernando Auat Cheein
Nestor Nahuel Deniz
Technical University Federico Santa Maria

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Franco Jorquera
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Fernando Auat Cheein
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In this study, we introduce an innovative off-tracking optimisation-based framework designed for Generalised N-Trailer vehicles. The task of generating feasible references for the segments of the interconnected vehicle has historically been burdensome. This challenge becomes even more pronounced as the number of trailers increases, particularly when the quantity of trailers fluctuates during operations. Our proposed method address this complexity by autonomously generating pose references for both the tractor and each trailer of the vehicle. This is achieved through a parameterisation of the desired path and attitudes to be traversed. Notably, our approach incorporates the system's model into the optimisation process as a constraint. This guarantees that the generated reference remains within the bounds of feasibility, even when the nominal path does not. Several simulated and field experiments with a tractor pulling 2 trailers show the effectiveness of the proposed method.