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Frequency Diverse Array With Discrete Fourier Transform for Single Target Estimation
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  • Kai Wang ,
  • Zichuan Yu ,
  • Zhiyuan Jin ,
  • Feiyang Zhong ,
  • Lu Tang
Zichuan Yu
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Zhiyuan Jin
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Feiyang Zhong
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In order to overcome the limitations of phased array radar technology, the researchers proposed frequency diverse array technology to achieve accurate detection and tracking of target direction. In this paper, a method of distance and angle estimation based on DFT transform is proposed for frequency transform array. By cross-correlating the received data, a new received signal vector is established and solved by constructing an equation. Compared with other methods, this method overcomes the problem that FDA radar is prone to fuzzy estimation and insufficient resolution in target parameter estimation. It can not only directly estimate the distance and angle of the target, but also effectively improve the target resolution.