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Optical Wireless Communications: Illuminating the Path for Cooper's Law
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  • Mahmoud Wafik Eltokhey,
  • Muhammad Salman Bashir,
  • Othman Isam Younus,
  • Zabih Ghassemlooy,
  • Harald Haas,
  • George Karagiannidis,
  • Shivani Rajendra Teli,
  • Stanislav Zvanovec,
  • Mohammad-Ali Khalighi,
  • Zhenyu Charlus Zhang,
  • Steve Hranilovic,
  • Maïté Brandt-Pearce,
  • Jean-Paul Linnartz,
  • Abderrahmen Trichili,
  • Hyunchae Chun,
  • Dominic O'Brien,
  • Murat Uysal,
  • Mohamed-Slim Alouini
Mahmoud Wafik Eltokhey

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

Author Profile
Muhammad Salman Bashir
Othman Isam Younus
Zabih Ghassemlooy
Harald Haas
George Karagiannidis
Shivani Rajendra Teli
Stanislav Zvanovec
Mohammad-Ali Khalighi
Zhenyu Charlus Zhang
Steve Hranilovic
Maïté Brandt-Pearce
Jean-Paul Linnartz
Abderrahmen Trichili
Hyunchae Chun
Dominic O'Brien
Murat Uysal
Mohamed-Slim Alouini


The increasing proliferation of internet-connected devices and the widespread reliance on wireless communication in daily activities are limiting the capabilities of the radio frequency (RF) spectrum to meet data traffic demands. The rise in connectivity requirements to realize sixth generation (6G) networks, coupled with the growth in utilization of artificial intelligence and its associated transmission of massive amounts of data, are contributing to the need to leverage the optical spectrum to complement the already congested RF bands. In general, optical wireless connectivity encompasses a range of solutions that can support data transfer in various outdoor and indoor use cases, benefiting from advantages in terms of operation within a broad unlicensed spectrum, minimization of RF interference, and inherent security. On the other hand, optical wireless communication (OWC) systems might experience a decline in performance as a result of factors like atmospheric conditions and link blockage. This requires customizing system designs according to the considered use cases and investigating new solutions for realizing optical wireless connectivity. In this article, we present an overview of OWC, encompassing both its conceptual frameworks and the scientific and technological advancements that hold potential for shaping its future in 6G networks and beyond.
14 Jan 2024Submitted to TechRxiv
25 Jan 2024Published in TechRxiv