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Advancing Accessibility: An Integrated Approach to Sign Language Interpretation through Computer Vision, OCR, and Microsoft Azure Services
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  • Adish Vaibhav,
  • Akshat Kuttan,
  • Dr Manju Khanna,
  • Meghraj GK,
  • Y Nishanth
Adish Vaibhav
Akshat Kuttan
Dr Manju Khanna

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

Author Profile
Meghraj GK
Y Nishanth


In the context of India, a country with a rich tapestry of regional sign languages, effectively recognizing and interpreting Indian Sign Language (ISL) presents a formidable challenge for individuals with hearing and speaking impairments. This system introduces an innovative method for ISL recognition by leveraging the YOLOv5s (You Only Look Once version 5) object detection framework. Complementing the YOLOv5s, the project integrates Microsoft Azure’s cognitive app service, specifically the computer vision capabilities, and utilizes Mesa, a Python agent development framework. This comprehensive approach aims to enhance the expression and communication of individuals with hearing and speaking impairments in a predominantly spoken language-oriented world.
16 Jan 2024Submitted to TechRxiv
26 Jan 2024Published in TechRxiv