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A Compact Source for a DAS without Trace Averaging based on a Low Phase Noise DDS and Mini-EYDFA
  • Almaz Demise,
  • F Di Pasquale,
  • Y Muanenda
Almaz Demise

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

Author Profile
F Di Pasquale
Y Muanenda


We propose and experimentally demonstrate the design of a compact source for DAS systems using a mini-EYDFA commonly used in CATV networks together with an integrated, low-phase-noise Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) device that can generate readily programmable probe waveforms with a bandwidth of up to 1.4 GHz. The DDS module is synchronized with a NI-PXIe system for real-time acquisition of traces at a rate of up to 200MS/s and, thanks to the low phase noise DDS characteristics as well as high gain and stability of the EYDFA and jitter-suppressed acquisition of traces, the scheme enables measurements of representative vibration signatures with a bandwidth of up to 4 kHz at a distance of 9.71 km, with an SNR of ~24 dB without trace averaging, offering a performance near the Nyquist limit set by round-trip-time of trace acquisition. Analyzes of the spatial, temporal, and spectral responses of extracted vibrations confirm the distributed dynamic sensing capability of the technique. The proposed configuration enables the simplification of sources used in DAS systems, paving the way toward further miniaturization of the interrogation units and their scalable commercialization for wider use in several safety and integrity monitoring applications.
16 Jan 2024Submitted to TechRxiv
26 Jan 2024Published in TechRxiv