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Capacitance, Quality Factor, and Magnetic Field Influence on Magneto-Piezoelectret Thermoformed
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  • Amélia Moreira Santos,
  • Rui A Moreira,
  • Ruy A P Altafim,
  • Ruy A C Altafim
Amélia Moreira Santos

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Rui A Moreira
Ruy A P Altafim
Ruy A C Altafim


This integrated study presents a thorough investigation into a novel class of electrets known as Magneto-Piezoelectret Thermoformed (MPT) devices. The research focuses on evaluating capacitance, quality factor, and the impact of magnetic fields on these devices. Fabricated by fusing fluoroethylene propylene (FEP) films and integrating magnetic strips, the MPT devices exhibit both magnetostrictive and piezoelectric effects in response to external magnetic fields. The study encompasses the latest advancements in material synthesis, fabrication techniques, characterization methods, and potential device applications. Measurements conducted under various electric currents and frequencies revealed that higher capacitance values are associated with increased electric charge storage in MPT devices. The devices demonstrated exceptional quality factors, particularly in the MHz range, suggesting their potential as efficient electric charge storage devices. Further investigation focused on the influence of magnetic fields on the magneto-piezoelectric response of MPTs. Thermoformed piezoelectrets, featuring open tubular channels and an additional magnetic layer, were explored for their potential as sensors for detecting magnetic fields. While the magnetopiezoelectric response exhibited linearity in the presence of magnetic fields, a decrease in charge storage capacity was observed due to mechanical stress on the tubular channels. The MPTs displayed a maximum resistance of approximately 0.75 T against magnetic fields, reaching complete saturation at a magnetic field strength of 0.8 T. Beyond this point, the relationship between variables became nonlinear, resulting in a null magneto-piezoelectric response. This comprehensive study contributes to a deeper understanding of the capacitance, quality factor, and magnetic field influence on Magneto-Piezoelectret sensors. The insights gained from this research have significant implications for potential applications in advanced technologies that demand high-frequency operation and magnetic field detection.
18 Jan 2024Submitted to TechRxiv
26 Jan 2024Published in TechRxiv