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Acharya J. C. Bose as Pioneer for Some Modern Phenomena and Devices in Electronics and Photonics                            
  • Prasanta Kumar Basu
Prasanta Kumar Basu

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Sir J. C. Bose was the first to demonstrate wireless transmission with his indigenous set up. His patent for galena detector and his reports for a few microwave components are well recognized. In this paper, a few of his experiments, somewhat less discussed but recognized by experts as the first, will be listed and described. These include his detector as first IR detector, first experiment on light tunneling, jute polarizer as first chiral metamaterial, hysteresis in I-V curve of coherer as first signature of memristor action and a polarizer having alternate layers of paper and tin foil as the first structures for both the photonic band gap and the superlattice. Relevance of his work to devices in current electronics, photonics and information technology are pointed out. Comments by experts in the areas are also included.