March 18, 2024
Generalized Model Predictive Torque Control of Synchronous Machines
Kyunghwan Choi, Jongseok Kim, Ki-Bum Park, et al.
April 18, 2024
Extended State Observer Based Stator Flux Linkage Estimation of Nonlinear Synchronous...
Seunghun Jang, Bernd Pfeifer, Christoph M. Hackl, et al.
March 29, 2024
Using Deep Reinforcement Learning for Dynamic Gain Adjustment of a Disturbance Observ...
Kyunghwan Choi, Hyochan Lee, Wooyong Kim, et al.
March 19, 2024
A Lyapunov-based Approach to Nonlinear Programming and Its Application to Nonlinear M...
Kyunghwan Choi and Christoph M Hackl