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Higher-Order Inverse Filter Configuration using CDBA
  • Shekhar Suman Borah
Shekhar Suman Borah

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This article presents four different Higher-Order Inverse Filter (IF) configurations using Current Differencing Buffered Amplifier (CDBA) as an active component and a few passive elements. The topology can be used to synthesize Fourth-Order Inverse Low Pass Filter (FO-ILPF), Inverse Band Pass Filter (FO-IBPF), Inverse Notch Filter (FO-INF), and Inverse All Pass Filter (FO-IAPF) using suitable admittance combinations. The considered IFs are checked for functionality using PSPICE simulations with the CMOS model of CDBA using 180nm technology. The theoretical analysis and simulated results are also carried out, which shows that they are in close agreement. The passive sensitivity analysis, non-ideality analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, temperature analysis, % of Total Harmonic Distortion (%THD), and noise analysis of the proposed filters are also performed. Hardware implementation using commercially accessible Current Feedback Operational Amplifier (CFOA) as IC AD844AN has been committed to verifying the proposed work's functionality. The proposed structure's layout has been designed using the Analog Design Environment (ADE) tool of Cadence Virtuoso.
06 Jun 2024Submitted to TechRxiv
07 Jun 2024Published in TechRxiv