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Fractional Super-Resolution of Voxelized Point Clouds

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posted on 2021-07-26, 05:05 authored by Ricardo de QueirozRicardo de Queiroz, DIOGO GARCIADIOGO GARCIA, Tomas Borges
We present a method to super-resolve voxelized point clouds down-sampled by a fractional factor, using look-up-tables (LUT) constructed from self-similarities from its own down-sampled neighborhoods. Given a down-sampled point cloud geometry Vd, and its corresponding fractional down-sampling factor s, the proposed method determines the set of positions that may have generated Vd, and estimates which of these positions were indeed occupied (super-resolution). Assuming that the geometry of a point cloud is approximately self-similar at different scales, LUTs relating down-sampled neighborhood configurations with children occupancy configurations can be estimated by further down-sampling the input point cloud to Vd2 , and by taking into account the irregular children distribution derived from fractional down-sampling. For completeness, we also interpolate texture by averaging colors from adjacent neighbors. We present extensive test results over different point clouds, showing the effectiveness of the proposed method against baseline methods.


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