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Online Optimization for Networked Distributed Energy Resources with Time-Coupling Constraints

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posted on 2019-10-24, 20:58 authored by Shuai FanShuai Fan, guangyu he, Xinyang ZhouXinyang Zhou, Mingjian Cui
This paper proposes a Lyapunov optimization-based online distributed (LOOD) algorithmic framework for active distribution networks with numerous photovoltaic inverters and invert air conditionings (IACs). In the proposed scheme, ADNs can track an active power setpoint reference at the substation in response to transmission-level requests while concurrently minimizing the utility loss and ensuring the security of voltages. In contrast to conventional distributed optimization methods that employ the setpoints for controllable devices only when the algorithm converges, the proposed LOOD can carry out the setpoints immediately relying on the current measurements and operation conditions. Notably, the time-coupling constraints of IACs are decoupled for online implementation with Lyapunov optimization technique. An incentive scheme is tailored to coordinate the customer-owned assets in lieu of the direct control from network operators. Optimality and convergency are characterized analytically. Finally, we corroborate the proposed method on a modified version of 33-node test feeder.


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