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Capacity Bounds for Dense Massive MIMO in a Line-of-Sight Propagation Environment
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  • Felipe Augusto Pereira de Figueiredo ,
  • Claudio Ferreira Dias ,
  • Eduardo Rodrigues de Lima ,
  • Gustavo Fraidenraich
Felipe Augusto Pereira de Figueiredo
Instituto Nacional de Telecomunicações

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Claudio Ferreira Dias
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Eduardo Rodrigues de Lima
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Gustavo Fraidenraich
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The use of large-scale antenna arrays grants considerable benefits in energy and spectral efficiency to wireless systems due to spatial resolution and array gain techniques. By assuming a dominant line-of-sight environment in a massive MIMO scenario, we derive analytical expressions for the sum-capacity.
Then, we show that convenient simplifications on the sum-capacity expressions are possible when working at low and high SNR regimes.
Furthermore, in the case of a high SNR regime, it is demonstrated that the Gamma PDF can approximate the PDF of the instantaneous channel sum-capacity as the number of BS antennas grows. A second important demonstration presented in this work is that a Gamma PDF can also be used to approximate the PDF of the summation of the channel’s singular values as the number of devices increases. Finally, it is important to highlight that the presented framework is useful for a massive number of Internet of Things devices as we show that the transmit power of each device can be made inversely proportional to the number of BS antennas.
17 Jan 2020Published in Sensors volume 20 issue 2 on pages 520. 10.3390/s20020520