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Massive MIMO Channel Estimation Considering Pilot Contamination and Spatially Correlated Channels
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  • Felipe Augusto Pereira de Figueiredo ,
  • Dimas A. M. Lemes ,
  • Claudio Ferreira Dias ,
  • Gustavo Fraidenraich
Felipe Augusto Pereira de Figueiredo
Instituto Nacional de TelecomunicaƧƵes

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Dimas A. M. Lemes
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Claudio Ferreira Dias
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Gustavo Fraidenraich
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In this letter, we present a study on linear channel estimators and their respective mean square error (MSE) expressions acknowledging spatially correlated channels and pilot contamination. We also investigate the impact of imperfect channel covariance matrix knowledge.
Apr 2020Published in Electronics Letters volume 56 issue 8 on pages 410-413. 10.1049/el.2019.3899