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Utilizing Blockchain Technology in Social Media Bot Identification
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  • Shreya Reddy ,
  • Lisa Ewen ,
  • Pankti Patel ,
  • Prerak Patel ,
  • Ankit Kundal ,
  • Sabah Mohammed
Shreya Reddy
Lakehead University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Lisa Ewen
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Pankti Patel
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Prerak Patel
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Ankit Kundal
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Sabah Mohammed
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As bots become more prevalent and smarter in the modern age of the internet, it becomes ever more important that they be identified and removed. Recent research has dictated that machine learning methods are accurate and the gold standard of bot identification on social media. Unfortunately, machine learning models do not come without their negative aspects such as lengthy training times, difficult feature selection, and overwhelming pre-processing tasks. To overcome these difficulties, we are proposing a blockchain framework for bot identification. At the current time, it is unknown how this method will perform, but it serves to prove the existence of an overwhelming gap of research under this area.