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The Programmable Data Plane: Abstractions, Architectures, Algorithms, and Applications
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  • Oliver Michel ,
  • Roberto Bifulco ,
  • Gábor Rétvári ,
  • Stefan Schmid
Oliver Michel
University of Vienna

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Roberto Bifulco
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Gábor Rétvári
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Stefan Schmid
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Programmable data plane technology enables the systematic reconfiguration of the low-level processing steps applied to network packets and is a key driver in realizing the next generation of network services and applications. This survey presents recent trends and issues in the design and implementation of programmable network devices, focusing on prominent architectures, abstractions, algorithms, and applications proposed, debated, and realized over the past years. We elaborate on the trends that led to the emergence of this technology and highlight the most important pointers from the literature, casting different taxonomies for the field and identifying avenues for future research.
31 May 2022Published in ACM Computing Surveys volume 54 issue 4 on pages 1-36. 10.1145/3447868