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The State of AI-Empowered Backscatter Communications: A Comprehensive Survey
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  • Manzoor Ahmed ,
  • Touseef Hussain ,
  • Khurshed Ali ,
  • Muhammad Ayzed Mirza ,
  • Wali Ullah Khan ,
  • Asim Ihsan ,
  • Fang Xu ,
  • Zhu Han
Manzoor Ahmed
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Touseef Hussain
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Khurshed Ali
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Muhammad Ayzed Mirza
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Wali Ullah Khan
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Asim Ihsan
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This paper brings these two technologies together to investigate the current state of AI-powered BC.
We begin with an introduction to BC and an overview of the AI algorithms employed in BC. Then, we delve into the recent advances in AI-based BC, covering key areas such as backscatter signal detection, channel estimation, and jammer control to ensure security, mitigate interference, and improve throughput and latency. We also explore the exciting frontiers of AI in BC using B5G/6G technologies, including backscatter-assisted relay and cognitive communication networks, backscatter-assisted MEC networks, and BC with RIS, UAV, and vehicular networks. Finally, we highlight the challenges and present new research opportunities in AI-powered BC. This survey provides a comprehensive overview of the potential of AI-powered BC and its insightful impact on the future of IoT.