March 14, 2024
Navigating the Road to Connectivity: Use Cases and Design Considerations for V2X Netw...
Aakash Bansal and Nicolette Formosa
April 08, 2024
State-of-the-art Millimeter-Wave Beam-Steering Antennas for Beyond 5G and 6G Networks...
Aakash Bansal, Chinthana Panagamuwa, William Whittow, et al.
March 15, 2024
Figuring out Impaired Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces
Aakash Bansal and William Whittow
April 01, 2024
Conformal holographic Metasurface-Based Beamforming Antenna using a 3D-Printed Flexib...
Praveen Kumar Sharma, Aakash Bansal, Jae-Young Chung, et al.
March 18, 2024
Real-time Road Traffic Data Monitoring using Novel Leaky-Wave Antennas in a Connected...
Aakash Bansal , Kumar Singh, Nicolette Formosa, et al.
September 21, 2023
Two-Dimensional Beam-Steering Lens Antenna with Fast Inter-Beam Handover for PNT and...
Aakash Bansal , Evangelos Mellios , Harvinder Nagi , et al.