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Current Transducer Based on Thermoformed Piezo-magnetic-electrets
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  • Amélia Moreira Santos,
  • Rui A Moreira,
  • Tagleor M Silveira,
  • Ruy A P Altafim,
  • Elvio P Silva,
  • Polyane A Santo,
  • Ronaldo M Lima,
  • Ruy A C Altafim
Amélia Moreira Santos

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

Author Profile
Rui A Moreira
Tagleor M Silveira
Ruy A P Altafim
Elvio P Silva
Polyane A Santo
Ronaldo M Lima
Ruy A C Altafim


Thermoformed tubular channels piezoelectrets exhibiting piezoelectric-magnetic behaviors were recently presented as Thermoformed Magnetic-Piezoelectrets (TMPs). This alternative sensor was suitable for detecting external magnetic fields from distant magnets. In this contribution, TMPs transducer was investigated as current sensor, where the magnetic field produced by an electrical current passing through a energized wire, mechanically stimulate the TMP and consequently disrupt the electrical charge equilibrium providing an proportional electrical signal. The charge variation was correlated with the magnetic field intensity providing a piezo-magnetic coefficient, similar to those noted in traditional piezoelectrets. It has been noticed that under certain conditions TMP could present coefficients up to 498 × 10^5 pC/T. From these results, it was concluded that such a polymer-based device is suitable for monitoring electrical currents in live wires, providing an interesting solution for non-invasive current transducers with a reduced footprint.
22 Mar 2024Submitted to TechRxiv
29 Mar 2024Published in TechRxiv