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Analyzing the Effects of Non-Ideal Synaptic Devices on Computing-in-Memory with Onlin...
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Roadmap of Ferroelectric Memories: From Discovery to 3D Integration
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Impact of Fringing Field on the Memory Window of FeFET
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Design of Variation-Tolerant 1F-1T Memory Array for Neuromorphic Computing
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Monolithic-3D Inference Engine with IGZO Based Ferroelectric Thin Film Transistor Syn...
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Interfacial Layer Engineering to Enhance Endurance and Noise Immunity of FeFETs for I...
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April 04, 2022
First Demonstration of Ultra-High Precision 4Kb 28nm HKMG 1FeFET-1T Based Memory Arra...
Sourav De
May 17, 2022
Gate-Stack Engineered IGZO-based Multi-bit OTP FeTFT with Lifelong Retention for Infe...
Sourav De